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Ana Cristina Martín

I work as a graphic designer and illustrator in La Factoría de Ediciones, in Spain, and made books for many publishing companies, like Hogrefe, TEA Ediciones, Marcombo, Cambridge University Press, SM… Most of my illustrations are digital, although they almost always start on paper. I like very much draw animals and plants, I´m in love with birds and insects. Categories: Illustration Children, Advertising, Press, Textbook, Illustrated album, Character design, Scientific, Youth, Infographics, Covers, Personal, Poster, Literary, Graphic Humor.


Ale Díaz Bouza

Ale Díaz Bouza loves art creation. She illustrates and writes stories about fantasy and folklore for all ages, but especially for children. She lives in Madrid and is the currently RA for the SCBWI Spanish Chapter. She both markets her own brand of illustrated products and works on illustrated children´s book projects.

Alex Mitchell

Alex Mitchell is a born storyteller and artist in the process of making a beautiful life. Whether she’s creating sculptures, paintings, or art-books, she delights in discovering new ways of sharing her story. Her artwork is all about loving process, color, materials, and creating harmonious designs. She currently lives and works in Madrid, Spain. POEM PICTURE BOOK SERIES The artist and inspirational art-book author Alex Mitchell has created a series of three poem picture books that explore emotional intelligence, encouraging readers to identify their true emotions with regard to self-love, self-expression, and self-worth. She writes tender, humorous poems for readers of all ages and delights in coming up with the perfect way to illustrate them.


I best work with children illustrations, but I also do illustrations for books… Caricature is another of my passions. I do also work with Photoshop doing portraits and other compositions with double exposure effects. I do love illustration and art in general.


César López

César López is an Spanish storyteller who enjoys writing children stories, some of the following have been published in Spain: — The hill of the souls (2013), short story from the book “Adventures in literary Madrid”. — Interview with Freddy (2013), short story from the book “Monster’ confessions”. — The Oxford Fox (2014), short story from “AnimAlphabet” — Chef Junior and the book of cooking stories (2014), selfpublished in Amazon. — The invisible woman (2017) – Winner of the Prize “Equality is not a tale” (City of Valladolid, Spain). Additionally, César López has been finalist of the Spanish Children Book Prize “Lazarillo” (2018), by OEPLI (Spanish section of IBBY – International Board on Books for Young People) with the book: The stormy voyage of the Seagulls Lighthouse, still unpublished at the moment.

Elena Martínez Blanco





Lemniscates is a professional studio in Barcelona devoted to creating contents for children’s books, for ages from 1 to 12 years old. Our aim is to stimula-te children’s talents, by creating stories with tenderness and ima-gination, and at the same time stories that deal with real life issues athat are of concern to children.


 Lola Núñez

If I am not teaching children, you will find me editing and writing books for them. I have published some series for 3 to 12 years old children and many stand alone books with different publishing companies. I work on stories which can breed kids’ love for reading and develop their learning skills to live. Friendship, solidarity, respect for differences and the attitude of curiosity are the lines that guide the stories I write. My books show children that goodness is a reflection of intelligence and happiness. So, some of these stories have been chosen in many schools to work values such as friendship, integration, responsibility… I love meeting the readers, talking to them and answering their questions (that is one of the best things of being a writter!). Right now I am writing a novel for adults, located in Sardinia.


Mar Ferrero

Mar Ferrero Studied Fine Arts in Madrid, she works as an illustrator since 1993, she has worked for some newspapers, but now she does childrens illustration and design+layout+illustration for children´s educational proyects mainly. Some of her clients are: Edelvives, Santillana, SM, Bruño, Siruela, Alba, Blanco y Negro, APM, INJUVE, Guia del niño magazine, Hachette, Bayard, Fundación Mapfre, Mirarte… It is currently represented, outside of Spain, by Plum Pudding agency. She has made a lot of painting exhibitions, where she seldom sells anything.

María Jesús Cuesta

Maria is a creative soul. After several years working for an international software corporate, she decided to change her career and get back to writing and painting. In 2016 she published her first picture book: “Los piratas en Japón”. She has recently published (June 2019) another picture book both written and illustrated by her: “Una varita mágica para Dulce”. As a writer, she wrote 4 stories published by CreatBox in 2018 and illustrated by Zoraida Sobrín: “La carta más mágica”, “Una nueva luz”, “Un jabón y una flor” and “Contra monstruos y pesadillas”. She has also illustrated the book “Desde la ventanilla” (Short-stories for adults), written by Mariano Fresnillo, and published in 2017 and some picture books for American authors, such as “The Adventures of Wink, Dink and Ink: A trip to the grocery store”.


Niño Cactus

NiñoCactus sprouted in Salamanca in the spring of 1979. When he was little, he barely liked eating and loved books instead, so his parents promised to exchange a book with him for each kilo he gained. He doesn’t have a clear remembrance of the time they gave up with this, but it was too late anyhow. By then, his mind was full of imaginary characters creating their own world. As he grew older, a southern wind taught him how to play clarinet, and a twister of puppeteers introduced him in the art of ad-libbing smiles. He also learnt how to catch dreams, plow the ground and sail with no compass. Even if there’s a lot of treasures left to be discovered, some of those he has already found out, have been turned into stories.

Santiago García-Clariac


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